Web applications to boost your business

It is already tomorrow


Crm, billing tool, Point of sale integration, search engine, Webapp can complete multiple functions with your datas, providing custom web interfaces to people you are dealing with to view, manage, input part of your private, secured info system on the Web.

An instant access to your datas thought all your favorite devices (Desktop, Tablets, Mobiles).

An accurate management of your data, an instant deployment.

A real time access to your dashboard and reports.

Our WebApps are true boosters for your business.


Wapp has developed during these last years, a stable efficient software core integrating main and useful basic functions of a Web Application : Authentication, security and permissions based on user roles, multilingualism, geocoding…), Wapp builds your WebApp adding to the core  business specific layers, interfaces &functions so it can fit your business processes and deal with your datas.

The core of the framework is the result of a team work, using project management and control and versioning tools.

Our team is committed to provide best service, taking care of your demands through simple project management tools shared with you to be sharp on understanding and quick delivery.

Our framework is based on the most popular Web Open Source languages and components stables, standards, proven and acclaimed by a wide community of developers, documented, the sustainability of the code is therefore ensured.

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Already in the box or to customize for you


The core of our system already integrates a bunch of useful standard functions common to all WebApps.

We add or customize for you the modules and functions that are specific to your business.

Authentication & roles

Users access the WebApp by login/password. The administrator of the WebApp affects logins, rights and roles to users so they can only access the data they are supposed to..

SSO with Office 365

Single Sign On with Microsoft Office 365 and Wapp WebApps simplifies working with both product or any other linked to Office 365.
A unique authentication, one place to bind data together. Our WebApps becomes your Office extensions.

Full Audit Trail

All Wapp WebApps gives admin ability to track what has been done, when and by whom.
An easy control on data to keep complete history of any action on data. From a search engine point of view or directly from records details.

CSS free

Wapp WebApps get dressed with what ever costume you want them to wear. Working on CSS (Forms, tables, controls, JS ), we are willing to customize our layouts so they can fit your style.


The Webapps Wapp are designed to integrate a multilingual service and provide interfaces in the languages of your users. A simple list box lets you toggle one language to another. Depending on the geographical area, a default language is set automatically.

Search engine

The Wapp WebApps use table view and quick search systems it can display almost instantly search results from your databases. Sorting and grouping allow you to view your data in a friendly and relevant manner.

User friendly interfaces

The Wapp Webapps uses the latest interface technology, clear, aerated screens with readable fonts. The user can work with a very good visual comfort. All Webapps are made with reponsive CSS to run on tablet and mobile devices.

Maps & Geocoding

The Wapp Webapps already integrate addresses geocoding functions. They can easily interface with all partners systems that work by API: Web services, POS terminals, external systems, remote databases.

Reports & monitoring

Wapp Webapps are tailored to take advantage of real-time data monitoring to provide, upon request, relevant state of resources and current flows. Warning alerts via SMS or email can easily be implemented to prevent / inform users.
Our working cycle


From day one to launch we accompany you through all phases of the project and after release with training , documenting and maintenance.



We analyse and mockup your business processes, we provide functional mockups for you to validate.



Development phase is split in fast deliveries, so we gain in results and feedback.



Your business validates version before launch in production.



A dedicated support for the long time.

Statistics, Monitoring, Maintenance, User support, Updates.

Just ask for a demonstration