The company provide estimates on real estate and renting values in a judicial framework.

The issues :

In order to provide accurate answers and justify their estimates, the experts needs to maintain a large quantity of references (more than 10 000).

Each ‘reference’ is by itself a large data container :

Nature of the surface (shop, office…), rental prices, surfaces, location, tax  etc..

Each expertise needs to follow a lot of processing information for the judicial part.

The use of  Excel spreadsheets for handling data became critical :

  • No sharing of data inside or outside the company
  • Lack of geocoding features
  • Excel spreadsheets too big
  • No secure access to the data
  • No rich and easy search engine
  • Bad reading of the data
  • Stream following full of macros
  • No document management

The WebApp :

Today, the experts uses the centralised references database in a collaborative way adding accurate inputs at each level.

A large part of the client reporting is automated with the WebApp :

  • Reference and expertises are viewed side by side
  • A fast and powerful search engine gives access to geographical facilities bind with a bunch of filters.
  • All references are geocoded to be searched by perimeters or shown on queried maps
  • Analysis results editing
  • Remote secure access to the database for local inputs
  • Document management
  • Judicial stream control panel