Expert in building and maintaining secure networks for companies, main franchised COLT distributor, IPACS offers network and telecom services for its clients.

The issues :

Diversity and complexity of products and services in the Telco environment makes billing a delicate part, provisioning is one of the key issues.

Most of the data was stored on Excel spreadsheets.

The use of Excel spreadsheets became critical :

  • No secured access to data
  • Exponential quantity of files
  • No easy share of data
  • No document management
  • Cost of third party billing services for voice and data billing
  • Three departments (Admin, Sales, Tech) : three differents sets of spreadsheets files
  • No access to the data from outside (Tech mission or remote sales persons)
  • Double, triple inputs
  • Loss of contracts if not renewed on time

The WebApp :
The build of a centralised database managed by a WebApp solved the pre cited issues and gave a fast and easy angle on the whole system.

  • Fast and rich search engine
  • Collaborative work and unicity of inputs
  • Complete sales stream management sided with support ticketing
  • Provisioning voice and data services
  • Voice/data Billing
  • Suspense management
  • Price lists management
  • Secured local/remote access based on roles (admin/tech/sales/manager)
  • Margin reporting
  • Document management (clients/orders/support)
  • Alerts for renewals